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Author: Mykitchen101en Team

Steamed Pumpkin Kuih

This Steamed Pumpkin Kuih is very rich and flavourful. Besides the significant amount of pumpkin, fried dried shrimp and mushroom are also added, the liquid added is also from dried shrimp and mushroom soaking water. CHINESE VERSION: 蒸金瓜糕   Steamed Pumpkin Kuih | MyKitchen101en Yields: 12 pieces Ingredients: 450 g pumpkin flesh 3/4 tsp fine salt 1/4 tsp pepper 75 g (5 tbsps) dried shrimp soaking water 180 g rice flour 45 g wheat starch 120 g (8 tbsps) mushroom soaking water 80 g shallot (thinly sliced) 50 g dried shrimp (soaked & chopped) 20 g mushroom (soaked & diced) Other...

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Curry Puff (Karipap) – Crispy Crust with Smooth Filling Recipe

Curry puff is a popular tea-time snack in Southeast Asia. Although there are several types of puff with different filling, potato chicken curry is by far the most common. This recipe calls for Russet potato, which is larger with brown skin. Russet potatoes are starchy, light and fluffy, making them great for baking. Russet potato softens at a fraction of the time and yields smooth texture for the filling, because of high starch, they don’t hold shape well. Learn how to make these no-fuss and simple curry puff from scratch, crispy crust pastry filled with flavorful savory filling. Chinese...

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Carrot Huat Kuih

Huat Kuih (发糕) a Chinese traditional food which resembles a blooming flower when steamed. It is usually served during praying as it signifies good luck. Carrot has natural orange colour, it makes nice golden orangey colour Huat Kuih. CHINESE VERSION: 胡萝卜(或称红萝卜)发糕   Carrot Huat Kuih | MyKitchen101en Yields: 6 (7.5-cm) Ingredients: 100 g carrot (diced) 5 pc pandan leaves 180 g water 80 g sugar 250 g plain flour 4 tsps (16 g) baking powder 2 tbsps vegetable oil Directions: 1 Put carrot on 3 pieces of pandan leaves, steam for 10 minutes until softened. 2 Combine water, sugar and 2...

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Natural Red Angku Kuih (Mung Bean Paste)

Angku kuih is made with glutinous rice flour, filled with sweet (or sometime savoury) filling, and usually has the shape of tortoise. “Angku” means “red tortoise” in Hokkien dialect. This recipe uses natural red colouring extracted from beetroot to make this red colour Angku kuih. Angku kuih is a Chinese traditional food which is usually served during full moon celebration, birthday, praying, wedding etc. CHINESE VERSION: 天然红彩红龟糕 (绿豆馅)   Natural Red Angku Kuih (Mung Bean Paste) | MyKitchen101en Yields: 18 pcs Ingredients for mung bean paste filling: (Yields: about 240 g) 75 g split mung bean (rinsed) 350 g water 1...

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Mixed Fruit Butter Cake

This Mixed Fruit Butter Cake another variation of butter cake, it is not the version of fruit cake for Christmas which is usually flavoured with spices, artificial flavourings and alcohol. CHINESE VERSION: 杂果牛油蛋糕   Mixed Fruit Butter Cake | MyKitchen101en Ingredients: 250 g (8.8 oz) butter (salted, room temperature) 60 g (5 tbsps.) light soft brown sugar 4 egg yolks (grade A/size: L) 230 g (3/4 cup + 2 3/4 tbsps) plain flour 1 tsp baking powder 1 tbsp honey 60 ml (1/4 cup) milk Ingredients for meringue: 4 egg whites (grade A/size: L) 90 g (7 tbsps) light soft...

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