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Author: Mykitchen101en Team

Crispy Sambal Dried Shrimp Spring Rolls

Deep-fried spring rolls is one of the popular crispy snacks. Besides the common Crispy Chicken Floss Spring Rolls, you may fill the spring roll with sambal dried shrimp too to make it into Crispy Sambal Dried Shrimp Spring Roll. CHINESE VERSION: 香脆叁巴虾米(Sambal 虾米)春卷   Crispy Sambal Dried Shrimp Spring Rolls | MyKicthen101en Ingredients for sambal dried shrimp: (Yields: about 310 g) 110 g dried shrimp (soak for 30 minutes, drained) 70 g shallot 15 g garlic 120 ml cooking oil 30 g dried chilies (remove seeds, rinsed & drained) 3 tbsps fine sugar 1/2 tsp salt Ingredients for spring...

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Nyonya Pineapple Tarts

Nyonya pineapple tart is an open faced version tart. It is an all-time favorite in Malaysia and Singapore, especially during Chinese New Year. The crust is rich, buttery and crumbly with melt-in-the-mouth texture. Though time consuming, making your own pineapple filling is not difficult, you can adjust the right amount of sweetness to your liking and the effort is really worth it. CHINESE VERSION: 娘惹黄梨挞   Nyonya Pineapple Tarts | MyKitchen101en Yields: 30 pieces Ingredients: 250 g pineapple filling (Please refer: Pineapple Jam/Filling Recipe) 65 g butter (salted) 45 g margarine 40 g icing sugar 1/8 tsp salt 1 egg yolk 190...

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How to Make Pineapple Jam/Filling for Tart and Pie

This is a simple and delicious pineapple jam filling. You can use this for varieties of pineapple cookies, tarts or pies. Tangy with just the right amount of sweetness, this pineapple jam/filling is perfect for tart. It is made with only 4 simple ingredients. In Chinese: 凤梨内馅食谱   Pineapple Jam/Filling Recipe |MyKitchen101en Yield: 650g Pineapple Jam Ingredients: Fresh Pineapple 1 kg Sugar 300g Pinch of Salt Cinnamon ½ stick (about 2g) Instructions: 1 Cut and peel pineapple, slice into bite-sized pieces.   2 Process in a food processor until fine. 3 Mix pineapple puree with 300g sugar, pinch of...

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Crispy Roasted Seaweed Fish Strips Snack

This addictive crispy snack is made from roasted nori seaweed and fish flavored strips. Nori seaweed (roasted seaweed) is used mainly as ingredient to wrap sushi. The making process is fairly simple, fold fish strips in half and wrap with roasted seaweed. Both ingredients turned crisp when dried in oven. This is a very easy and simple recipe with no greasy mess to cleanup. In Chinese: 香脆烤海苔鱼丝(紫菜鱼丝)   Crispy Roasted Seaweed Fish Strips Recipe | MyKitchen101en Ingredients: Fish strips snack 120g (1 pack) Yaki sushi nori 4 sheets (roasted seaweed, 20cmx20cm) Water 1Tbsp (for sealing seaweed) Yield: 70 (about)  ...

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Pandan Swiss Roll Cake

This Pandan Swiss Roll Cake is made with fresh pandan juice, no artificial flavour or colouring are added. The texture of the cake is soft, moist and spongy, it can be rolled up easily and nicely. CHINESE VERSION: 香兰瑞士卷蛋糕   Pandan Swiss Roll Cake | MyKitchen101en Ingredients for meringue: 3 egg whites (grade A/size L, room temp.) 1/4 tsp cream of tartar 60 g fine sugar Ingredients for batter: 3 egg yolks (grade A/size L, room temp.) 20 g fine sugar 1/8 tsp fine salt 45 g corn oil 40 ml pandan juice* 65 g cake flour (low protein flour)...

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