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Author: Mykitchen101en Team

Ginger Milk Curd – Amazing Classic Dessert

Ginger milk curd/pudding is a smooth custard-like dessert. It is commonly found in Guangzhou China, Hong Kong and Macau. This traditional dessert is made only with matured ginger, fresh milk and sugar. The method of preparation is fairly simple, extract juice from ginger and pour in hot milk. The optimum temperature for curdling is at 70°C-80°C. One of the key to success of milk curdling is the amount of starch in ginger. A thin layer of ginger starch will settle at the bottom of the bowl after setting aside for few minutes. The milk will not set firmly if...

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Pandan Coconut Milk Water Chestnut Pudding (Thai Tako)

This Pandan Coconut Milk Water Chestnut Pudding is actually the recipe for Thai Tako. Traditional Thai Tako is filled in tiny cup made from large pandan leaf, this recipe has simplified the process by filling it into small jelly mooncake moulds. CHINESE VERSION: 香兰椰奶马蹄糕 (泰式马蹄糕)   Pandan Coconut Milk Water Chestnut Pudding (Thai Tako) | MyKitchen101en Yields: 16 pieces Ingredients for coconut milk layer: 175 ml plain water 125 ml thick coconut milk 1/4 tsp fine salt 25 g green bean flour/mung bean flour Ingredients for pandan layer: 250 ml pandan juice* 60 g fine sugar 1/8 tsp fine salt...

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Purple Sweet Potato Hee Pan (Xi Ban)

Hee Pan (Chinese: 喜粄, xi ban) is the cuisine of Hakka people. Hee pan made with purple sweet potato has a nice natural light purple colour and fragrant of purple sweet potato. CHINESE VERSION: 紫薯喜粄   Purple Sweet Potato Hee Pan (Xi Ban) | MyKitchen101en Yields: 6 pcs Ingredients: 50 g purple sweet potato (diced) 90 g plain water 60 g sugar 1 pc pandan leaf 1/2 tsp instant yeast + 1/2 tbsp plain water 65 g plain flour 65 g glutinous rice flour 1 tbsp corn oil Directions: 1 Steam purple sweet potato for 15 minutes, or until softened....

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Water Chestnut Lek Tau Suan (Split Mung Bean Dessert) with Youtiao

Lek Tau Suan dessert (Chinese: 绿豆爽) is made with split mung bean (a.k.a. mung dal). It is a very simple dessert, just add steamed split mung bean to thickened sweet soup, and the delicious Lek Tau Suan dessert is ready to be served. Chopped water chestnut adds crunchy texture to this sweet soup, textural contrast takes this dessert to a whole new level. Bits of crunchy and slightly sweet water chestnut will retain its crisp even after being cooked. CHINESE VERSION: 马蹄绿豆爽糖水搭配油条   Water Chestnut Lek Tau Suan (Split Mung Bean Dessert) with Youtiao | MyKitchen101en Serve: 10 Ingredients: 300...

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Chinese Breadstick (Youtiao/Cakoi) Recipe

Fried Chinese breadstick also known as Chinese cruller, Youtiao, Cakoi etc. is a lightly salted long strip of dough, deep fried to golden brown. Youtiao is extremely versatile, normally eaten at breakfast accompanied by soy milk, coffee, rice porridge and congee, or used to dip in various soups and sauces. Tips: Dough can be made ahead and keep refrigerated for 1-2 days. Fried breadstick can be store in the fridge for 7 days, keep them in airtight container or Ziploc bag, and reheat in oven as needed. Chinese Version: 油条食谱 (油炸鬼/油炸粿)   Chinese Breadstick (Youtiao/Cakoi) Recipe | MyKitchen101en Ingredients: 200g...

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