Kuih Seri Muka is a popular dessert among Peranakan, the meaning of “seri muka” is “pretty face”. To fulfill the title of “pretty face”, the upper layer of this kuih should be very smooth.

To achieve this, it is very important to use only VERY GENTLE heat (turn to the lowest heat) when steaming the top layer. If high heat is used during steaming, the surface will become uneven and bumpy.

CHINESE VERSION: 双色香兰糯米糕 (Serimuka)



Kuih Seri Muka: “Pretty Face” | MyKitchen101en


Bottom Layer (Steps):

1 Put glutinous rice in a lined 8″ baking pan (square or round). Add salt to thin coconut milk, mix well, then pour over glutinous rice, add in pandan leaves.


2 Bring water of steamer to the boil, reduce to MEDIUM heat, steam glutinous rice for 20 minutes.



3 After steaming for 20 minutes…


4 Add thick coconut milk to the half-cooked rice and mix well, steam for another 10 minutes.


5 Add bunga telang juice to part of the rice, steam for another 5 minutes.


6 Loosen rice with chopsticks, then press down until firm using rice spatula, steam for another 10 minutes.



Upper Layer (Steps):

1 Beat the eggs gently, add in the remaining ingredients and mix well.


2 Sieve the coconut egg mixture with a strainer.


3 Bring 1/3 pot of water to the boil, reduce to LOW heat, cook the mixture (using double-boiler method) for 4-5 minutes, keep stirring. (DO NOT overcooked or the upper layer WILL NOT settle after steaming.)


Combining Upper & Bottom Layer (Steps):

1 Pour the coconut egg mixture over the cooked glutinous rice.


2 Steam over LOW heat for 1 hour until fully cooked.


3 After 1 hour, insert a wooden stick into the center, it is fully cooked if the stick comes out clean.


4 Set aside to cool completely (you may soak the baking pan in cold water to speed up the process), then cut into small pieces using a plastic knife.