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Author: Mykitchen101en Team

Making Traditional Mooncake with Lotus Seed Paste Filling

  Mooncake is a traditional Chinese dessert eaten during Mid-Autumn festival. Mooncake is a must during Mid-Autumn festival and customary present as a gift for family and close friends. Over the years mooncake price have become overly expensive not because of the cost of making them, but the elaborate packaging, a bigger chunk of price than the cake itself. Making them at home is a lot cheaper and fun too. There is nothing more satisfying than being able to make something from scratch. CHINESE VERSION: 制作月饼不难-亲手制作过中秋 Traditional Mooncake Recipe | MyKitchen101en Dough Ingredients: 100g Low protein flour (cake flour) 60g...

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Orange Chiffon Cake

  Chiffon cake is a very moist cake with a very light, soft and fluffy texture. It is a popular cake among cake lovers. Chiffon cake is made with vegetable oil, thus it has lower saturated fat than butter cake. However, lacking of butter means that it is lacked of rich flavour. CHINESE VERSION: 香橙戚风蛋糕 To enhance the flavour of chiffon cakes, rich and aromatic ingredients, such as orange juice, pandan juice, chocolate paste, etc. will be included in different recipes to bake chiffon cakes with different flavours. Orange Chiffon Cake | MyKitchen101en Ingredients: 190 g (1.75 cup + 2.5...

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Marble Butter Cake

Butter cake is a must-learn cake for baking beginners, it is easy to make and is less likely to fail. Marble butter cake is a combination of traditional butter cake and chocolate butter cake. It is a great cake with 2 flavours in 1, which can at the same time satisfy the taste buds of elders who like rich butter flavour, as well as children who prefer rich chocolate flavour. CHINESE VERSION: 大理石(云石)牛油蛋糕   Marble Butter Cake | MyKitchen101en Ingredients: 280 g (2 cups) low protein flour (cake flour) 1 tsp baking powder 250 g (8.8 oz) butter (salted, softened)...

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Sweet Wheat Porridge with Coconut Milk (a.k.a Bubur Gandum)

  Sweet wheat porridge with coconut milk (or Bubur Gandum) is a rich and creamy dessert made from pearl wheat (or biji gandum). The flavor of fragrant coconut palm sugar complements the taste of this porridge and makes it more delicious. CHINESE VERSION: 椰奶椰糖麦粥糖水(也称:干冬) Sweet Wheat Porridge with Coconut Milk (Bubur Gandum)| MyKitchen101en Ingredients: 200 g pearl wheat (soaked overnight) 2 Liter plain water 60 g small sago 1 tsp salt 140 g coconut palm sugar 30 g sugar 3 leaves pandan leaves 300 ml thick coconut milk   Directions: 1 Bring 2 liter of water to the boil, add...

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Kuih Pulut Tekan/Pulut Tai Tai (Pressed Glutinous Rice) + Caramel Kaya

  Kuih Pulut Tekan (a.k.a. Pulut Tai Tai) is a popular Nyonya dessert, the meaning of “pulut tekan” is “pressed glutinous rice”. Kuih Pulut Tekan is always served with kaya (coconut egg jam), therefore it is also called “Kuih Kaya”. One of the important steps in making Pulut Tekan is to apply weight onto the steamed cooked glutinous rice to make it firm. The firmer the kuih, the better the texture. CHINESE VERSION: 兰花加椰糯米糕 + 焦糖加椰 Kuih Pulut Tekan/Pulut Tai Tai (Pressed Glutinous Rice) | MyKicthen101en Ingredients: 600 g *glutinous rice (soaked for at least 4 hours, drained) 260 ml thin...

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