Nian gao (年糕) is a must-have food during Chinese New Year as it is a homonym for “higher year”, eating nian gao has the symbolism of raising oneself higher in the coming year. Nian gao can be served in different ways, besides Taro Sweet Potato Fried Nian Gao, it can also be made into Taro Sweet Potato Nian Gao Spring Rolls.


Taro Sweet Potato Nian Gao Spring Rolls | MyKitchen101en

Yields: 24 pcs




1 Steam taro and sweet potato in a steamer for about 7-8 minutes until soft.

2 Cut each sheet of spring roll pastry into 4 small sheets.

3 Put 1 piece of taro, sweet potato and nian gao on 1 small sheet.

4 Wrap taro, sweet potato and nian gao with spring roll pastry.

5 Brush the pastry end with some water.


6 Seal the spring roll properly.

7 Preheat cooking oil to 150°C, put in spring rolls, deep-fry over medium heat until golden brown, stirring occasionally to distribute the heat evenly.

8 When spring rolls have turned golden brown, turn to high heat for about 45 seconds before removing from heat (do not fry over high heat for too long or the spring rolls will burst).

9 Put the spring rolls on a strainer ladle to strain the oil after removing from heat.

10 Put the nian gao spring rolls on wire rack to slightly cool down before serving (freshly fried spring roll is crispy, it will soften a bit when completely cool).