This is an easy recipe that features egg white and lots of white melon seeds and green pumpkin seeds. Thin and crispy, these brittle are totally addictive; and surprisingly easy to make. Just mix all ingredients, bake until it turns crisp.

These brittle can also be made using Florentine or Bienetta mixture. Mix the dry powder according to manufacturer instructions and bake until caramelized.


  • To make almond brittle, replace white melon seeds and pumpkin seeds with almond flakes.

Chinese Version: 瓜子脆片酥

Melon-Pumpkin Seeds Brittle


Melon-Pumpkin Seeds Brittle Recipe | MyKitchen101en


  • Egg white 50g
  • Melted butter 25g
  • Powdered sugar 60g
  • Flour 25g (all-purpose)
  • Salt ¼ tsp
  • White melon seed 75g
  • Green pumpkin seed 75g


1 Preheat oven to 160°C (320°F). Whip egg whites until foamy and covered with mass of small bubbles. Add in melted butter and powdered sugar, beat until sugar dissolved. Tips: Melt butter in microwave or double boiler over medium-low heat.

Melon-Pumpkin Seeds Brittle


2 Add in flour and salt, mix thoroughly until smooth and no visible clumps.

Melon-Pumpkin Seeds Brittle

3 Stir in the white melon seeds and green pumpkin seeds.

Melon-Pumpkin Seeds Brittle


4 Line baking tray with non-stick baking paper or Teflon baking sheet. Spread the mixture using a fork onto the prepared baking sheet in a thin and even layer.

Melon-Pumpkin Seeds Brittle

5 Bake at 160°C (320°F) for 22 minutes or until golden brown. Baking time may vary depending on individual oven and the thickness of the brittle, adjust accordingly.

Melon-Pumpkin Seeds Brittle

6 Cut into desired shape and size right after they come out from the oven. They tend to shatter easily once cool.

Melon-Pumpkin Seeds BrittleMelon-Pumpkin Seeds Brittle

7 Store in airtight container.

Melon-Pumpkin Seeds Brittle