Black soybean is rich in nutrients, it is high in protein but low in calories. Black soybean has only black skin, the inner part is not black but green or yellow in colour. Beside cooking soup (black bean soup), black bean can also be used to make black soybean milk.

CHINESE VERSION: 自制黑豆奶 (无需豆奶机)


Homemade Black Soybean Milk (No Soy Milk Maker) | MyKitchen101en


  • 250 g black soybean
  • 2300 ml plain water
  • 3 pandan leaves
  • to taste sugar


1 Soak black soybean for at least 5 hours or overnight (keep refrigerated if soaked overnight), then drain off the water.


2 Add 1 part of black soybean and 3 parts of water into a blender (the ratio of bean and water is 1:3).


3 Blend with HIGH speed for 1 minute, rest for 15 seconds (to avoid overheating), then continue blending for another minute until very fine.


4 Pour into cloth filter bag, then repeat the same process for the remaining black soybean.


5 Squeeze out the black soybean milk.



6 Strain the black soybean milk again into large microwavable cooking bowl (I use Pyrex 4-Quart Bowl), add in pandan leaves.


7 Cook on HIGH (1000 W) in microwave until boiling, then continue to boil for another 1-2 minutes. (The whole process takes about 40 minutes. Keep an eye in case of overflow, but I don’t have this problem with mine.)


8 The black soybean milk is cooked.


9 Remove the beancurd layer.


10 Sweeten to taste with sugar. Keep refrigerated and consume within 3 days.



1 Keep an eye when soy milk is about to boil just in case of overflow.

2 If black soybean is soaked for just 5 hours, the colour of black soybean milk will be slightly grey (due to the black colour of the skin). The black soybeans shown in the video have been soaked overnight.

3 Soy milk must be fully boiled before consumption. You may cook the soy milk on stove top if you don’t want to use microwave, please refer to: Homemade Soybean Milk (No Soy Milk Maker)